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Q1. Why do you need to have rules at the drive-in?

A. We are one of less than 400 drive-ins remaining in this country & we have been in business for over 60 years. It hasn't been by luck that we have survived. We have had to change & adapt numerous times throughout our over 60 year history. We are complimented daily on the excellent service & family friendly atmosphere that we provide, and we have many loyal customers. We have established rules & procedures in our theatre to help ensure that the evening is enjoyable & safe to ALL who come here...... however, even we can't please everybody all the time. There are as many opinions out there as there are people, and we do value your opinions. However, some opinions are simply not feasible to adopt or enforce in our theatre. By viewing the movie in the privacy of your own car at the drive-in, we offer numerous advantages over other theatres ........you can talk whenever you want to your family, you can use your cell phone, you can get up & use the restroom or purchase snacks without crawling over the person next to you, you get to see 2 new movies for less than the price of 1 at an indoor, you can sit in your seat with your feet up, you can come in your pj's, you can even pass gas without offending those around you!!! etc, etc, etc. This freedom is part of the great American drive-in experience & that's what makes it more fun & enjoyable for MOST people.

Q2. How do you determine your movie "pairs" & which movie plays first, & should I make a suggestion about what I think would make a great pair?

A. We always value customer suggestions! However, when it comes to movie pairs, please realize that the film companies have the ultimate say in what is allowed to be paired together on any given week & there is no way of altering these decisions. And yes, what they allow to be paired can change from week to week, also! After 61 years in business, we are generally well aware of what movies would make a great pair, & you can bet if a pair seems a bit mismatched, it is most likely due to film company policies. We simply cannot just pair up whatever movies we would like, as these movies are the property of the film companies that produce them, not ours to do with as we please. With our 3 giant screens, we can almost always offer a pair that suits every audience...that’s one of the big advantages to coming here! More screens, more choices! Lastly, since we cannot simply pair up whatever movies we would like, the ratings on the movies may differ slightly, within reason. For example, you might see a PG movie paired with a PG-13, or a G movie paired with a PG,  & occasionally an R movie with a PG-13 (never a G movie with an R movie!) .... again, check the movie reviews & ratings before you arrive, and make your selections, regarding screen choice & arrival time, accordingly to what serves your interests! You are not required to stay for both movies. If you absolutely have no interest in seeing the 2nd movie, remember that our prices are so low that it’s still a bargain even if you watch only 1 movie!  Also, please keep in mind that we usuallyshow the most newly released movie first! We get a lot of comments about this too, so if you are interested in the 2nd movie only, you can either come later when it starts, or if you watch our movie schedule weekly, there was probably a time when it was showing first.  Please understand that there are as many opinions out there about movie pairs & what plays first, as there are people! We do our best to bring you the best possible selections each week. We hope you enjoy them, & the great value you get here at the Elm Road Triple Drive-In Theatre.

Q3. Why charge you a fee to bring food into the Drive-in?

A. Food sales are the lifeline to success for all drive-in theatres.  Actually, most drive-ins across the country have had this type of outside food policy for many years.  It is simply a matter of survival, since a large percentage of our gate fee goes directly back to the film companies. This type of policy is nothing new… If you think about it, outside food & drinks are strictly prohibited at indoor theatres, sports arenas, rock concerts, ball games, amusement parks, etc.   You are not even permitted entry at any of the aforementioned venues with outside food or drink!  We, however, still give you a choice to bring in what you want, as always, but you must purchase a $10 Permit.  Remember, we are not a public park, but rather private property with year round taxes, insurance & utilities to pay, just to name a few.  The operating expenses for a drive-in are very high, especially when you consider that we are only a seasonal business.  We have always offered you 2 movies for one low price & our menu prices are equally as affordable!  Most cities & towns across this nation do not have a drive-in to visit any longer….thousands have gone out of business for many of the reasons mentioned previously. If you choose not to support our policies & our concession stand, then you really are not supporting this drive-in at all.  We strive to keep this lasting piece of Americana on the map in Warren, Ohio, & we hope to be here for you for another 60 years, keeping the tradition of the great American drive-in alive for many more generations to come!

Q4. Can I switch screens if I wish to watch the second feature on another screen, instead of the movie pair I purchased a ticket for?

A. Sorry, but no.  We do NOT allow screen changing!  Your ticket purchase entitles you to view a PARTICULAR  PAIR of  movies on 1 SCREEN  ONLY!   Kinda like a pair of socks...ya can't mix n match! So, please do not change screens or attempt to view a different movie from your original screen.  If you wish to view a different 2nd feature, simply exit the theatre & purchase an additional ticket at the entrance gate.  Failure to comply with this policy will result in expulsion from the theatre.



Always a double feature for one low price!
Adults $10.00
Children (3-11) $5.00
Under 3 Years Old FREE

CASH only, for tickets!

CREDIT CARDS in concession.

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There is a $10 Food Permit (per car) for bringing in food or drink from elsewhere. Food sales are vital to the success of all drive-ins!